Gotham Steel Stackmaster 8-Piece Stackable Cookware Set - Fry Pans, Sauce Pot, Saute Pan, Crockpot and Lids

$129.99 $189.99

Gotham Steel is now available in space-saving stackable pans to save storage! As Seen on TV! Easily stack and nest pots and pans, saving you 30% space in your kitchen and opening up precious cabinet space.

The Gotham Steel Stackmaster set is triple coated with an ultra-nonstick ceramic surface with super-strong scratch-resistant titanium. Food just slides right off!

Set includes

  • 7" fry pan
  • 1.5-quart saucepan
  • 10" fry pan
  • 2-quart saucepan
  • 5.35 quart stockpot
  • 3 interchangeable glass lids

Customer Reviews

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Love the pots and pans, however the lids are a different story, water doesn’t drain out of the lids, which causes mold to form, I had to rewash them and use a sharp knife and a paper towel to go in between the glass and the metal to make sure it was dry.

Debra Dunn
The Best!

I have never owned a set of pots and pans like this. They are incredible! They cook and clean like no other. I definitely recommend Gotham Steel!

Linda Graham
I expected more

The instructions advised to hand wash instead of the dishwasher.
Also was advised to cook without oil. I normally scramble eggs with butter.
Now I have to change the way I cook. If only this information was in the commercial, I wouldn’t have purchased the set.

Patricia Kelly
Just love my Gotham pans

I have always wanted to purchase these pans & finally got my wish & wasn’t disappointed. High quality product.

Gary Lowe
Gotham steel Pans

We like the pans the way they stack. They are a lighter but excellent. We trade them for some pans that we paid $100.00’s more for. There is one thing wrong. We needed one more pan. Somehow it came through Wayfarer. It is exactly the same except for the handle.The one through Wayfair has a Much nicer handle. I wish we had known, so we could have gotten them all with the better handle.